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The Kunzea oil that we use in all of our products comes from a property in the beautiful North East of the Tasmanian main island.
This grower was the pioneer of Kunzea oil production; uncovering its incredible therapeutic properties and working to establish the foundation of this rapidly growing industry.
​The native Kunzea Ambigua shrubs on this property are organically and wild grown – they’re not watered, sprayed or fertilised. They are as natural as you can get!
The Kunzea shrubs are not over-harvested, to ensure the oil is of the highest quality.  
The oil we use is distilled on farm and each batch tested by the university to analyse its composition and ensure it meets all safety and quality parameters.
The most recent harvest was in December 2020 and we are now using this new batch of oil in all of our products.
Using the highest quality, original, TGA listed Kunzea oil is very important to us. Not all Kunzea oil is the same!

<![CDATA[Storing Kunzea products to maintain their quality.]]>Sun, 14 Feb 2021 07:31:09 GMThttps://kunzeatas.com.au/blog/storing-kunzea-products-to-maintain-their-qualityPicture
  • We recommend our Kunzea Tasmania products are stored in a dry place, at room temperature (preferably below 25 degrees), and out of direct sunlight. 
  • High heat and/or direct sunlight may degrade Kunzea oil and make it less effective over time, as well reduce its shelf life. 
  • Being in Tassie of course it's easier to keep our products below 25 degrees most of the time! We understand in other parts of the country this is harder. Try to find the coolest location practical, and keep the products at a moderate room temperature as much as you can. 
  • Keeping products in the fridge is not necessarily the answer. If moisture in the fridge gets inside the packaging it may affect the product, and there is mixed evidence at this stage about the impact of very low temperatures on Kunzea oil. 
  • So unless the product will be in very high heat locations for a long time, we suggest sticking with room temperature (whatever that means for you!)

<![CDATA[Celebrating one year of stocking our products.]]>Sun, 14 Feb 2021 07:24:58 GMThttps://kunzeatas.com.au/blog/celebrating-one-year-of-stocking-our-products Picture
St Johns Foot Clinic (Legana and Launceston) this month mark one year of stocking our Kunzea Tasmania products!
This busy podiatry practice uses our products during some of their treatments, as well as stocking them for patients to use at home.
They've had great feedback and need to regularly restock as our Kunzea products are very popular at their clinics! 
One of their primary podiatrists Jane has said, "Kunzea is a great natural product that I recommend to many of my patients who experience variations of musculoskeletal pain. The range of applications are wonderful for different skin types and those with mobility issues."
A big thank you to St Johns Foot Clinic for supporting Kunzea Tasmania, and using and promoting our natural, Tassie made products over the last year.
See our stockists page for more details.

<![CDATA[A 'sneak peek' behind the scenes...]]>Tue, 08 Dec 2020 10:32:25 GMThttps://kunzeatas.com.au/blog/a-sneak-peak-behind-the-scenes
Kacey created and regularly updates the Kunzea Tasmania website. A massive learning curve, but all part of running a small business! 
All of our products are handmade, packaged and labelled by us in Northern Tasmania. It's wonderful to make the products ourselves for you.
Our finished products (as well as ingredients and packaging) are all stored in a clean, well organised and cool space. This makes packing up orders and managing stock easy. 
The product display boxes used by our stockists are all handmade by Michael. Each with an insert cut specifically for the product mix each stockist holds, and our free brochures for customers to take. 
<![CDATA[Instant relief verses a longer term trial]]>Sat, 17 Oct 2020 03:56:59 GMThttps://kunzeatas.com.au/blog/instant-relief-verses-a-longer-term-trialPicture
We often have amazing feedback about the instant relief (within about 5mins) that people feel when they apply products containing Kunzea oil. For most this will be their experience, and they can just use as needed, or apply them routinely to help keep pain at bay.
For some, relief can take longer. We really encourage people not to give up if the Kunzea doesn't provide relief straight away. We suggest to apply the Kunzea oil containing products at least 3 times each day, for at least 10 days (or preferably more), to give a better assessment of how the Kunzea oil may help. 
We have had great feedback from people who have persisted. While they report that it was a bit hard to tell initially; with ongoing use they have experienced some relief with a more routine and longer term application.
Thank you to those who have provided us with this feedback.
Please note that we are not making any claims or guarantees by relaying this information. ​This information is based on customer feedback only and individual experiences will differ. Consult your health practitioner for personalised advice.

<![CDATA[Top tips for using Kunzea oil.]]>Thu, 18 Jun 2020 06:03:58 GMThttps://kunzeatas.com.au/blog/top-tips-for-using-kunzea-oilPicture
We're often asked how to use 100% Kunzea oil. Here are just a few of our tips...
In a diffuser:
  • Most people use the Kunzea oil in a diffuser. These are available from many department stores, pharmacy/gift stores and online. 
  • Using the Kunzea oil in a diffuser will give the room a beautiful aroma.
  • This can also deodorise a space, support with relaxation and stress release, and assist with respiratory relief.
  • It can be used at home or in the work place. Some aged care facilities and other clinics use it this way too.
Drops of oil:
  • Kunzea oil drops can be put on the edge of your pillow, handkerchief, or other items.
  • This can provide some respiratory relief and relaxation/stress release when trying to sleep and when unwell. (Just be careful to avoid contact with the eyes).
  • Drops in a bath/foot bath can provide a beautiful soothing aroma and support relaxation and relief. 
  • In shoes/boots, work socks or slippers, some drops of Kunzea can help deodorise, and has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. 
  • Add some drops into homemade cleaning products and sprays.
  • Add some Kunzea oil to homemade topical products like body butters and massage oils. 
Some people use direct on the skin:
  • It is not recommended to use pure Kunzea oil directly on the skin, and it's not usually necessary to use it this strong. 
  • However Kunzea oil is non-toxic and for most people will not be irritating. Be cautious if you have sensitive skin.
  • Those who choose to use it 'neat' have provided the following suggestions:
  • Put a single drop on your finger tip and dab at the base of each nostril morning and night for sinus relief.
  • You can do the same thing but dab it on your temples, forehead or around your jawline for anxiety/stress relief.
  • Others apply it direct to small wounds, bruises and burns, to sore muscles and painful joints.
  • In most cases, you don't need to use 100% oil - the amount of oil in our products is adequate, and within the recommended safe level for use on the skin.
Please note that we are not making any claims or guarantees by relaying this information. Individual experiences will differ. Consult your health practitioner for personalised advice.

<![CDATA[Customers tell us what they are using our Kunzea products for...]]>Fri, 22 May 2020 01:49:00 GMThttps://kunzeatas.com.au/blog/customers-tell-us-what-they-are-using-our-kunzea-products-forPicture
Kunzea Tasmania customers are using our products for a whole range of things! Here are just some uses that customers have told us about:
  • Insect bites - takes the sting/pain away very quickly
  • Minor cuts, scratches, bruises and burns - provides soothing relief, as well as having antiseptic and antibacterial properties
  • Muscle cramps and spasms at night - relaxes the muscles and allows you to sleep
  • Foot/heel pain - from arthritis and other issues
  • ​Neck/shoulder pain and stiffness - relieves and relaxes
  • DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness) - after intense training and competitions 
  • Tennis elbow - relieves the aches and pains
  • Respiratory/sinus relief - clears the passages and allows easier breathing
  • Headaches/stress - soothing and comforting
  • Skin rashes, irritations and allergic dermatitis - relieves the burning, itching and discomfort
  • Arthritis pain and stiffness in hands, feet, elbows and knees - relieves and reduces inflammation
  • And many more!
Please note that we are not making any claims or guarantees by relaying this information. This is customer feedback only and individual experiences will differ. Consult your health practitioner for personalised advice.

<![CDATA[Kunzea Tasmania - a bit about us!]]>Fri, 22 May 2020 01:14:19 GMThttps://kunzeatas.com.au/blog/a-bit-about-usPicture
We are Kacey and Michael, owners of Kunzea Tasmania. 
We started a small market business in October 2018 Thera-Ease Tasmania - selling medical grade, instant, reusable heat packs. Talking to customers we quickly realised the great need for people to access a range of natural products that provide relief. We wanted to find something with a Tasmanian focus to add to our product range.
​In early 2019 we started developing our Tasmanian bath flakes, and then throughout the year we created, tested and fine-tuned the rest of our original Kunzea Tasmania products.  We got feedback from LOTS of people along the way, and proudly launched the Kunzea products online and at the markets at the end of that year (2019).
We've been very humbled by the amazing feedback we've had so far. We feel really excited to be offering natural, Tasmanian made products. Like the heat packs, we use our Kunzea products to address our own issues every day! 
It's fantastic for us to hear how our Kunzea Tasmania products are helping. Of course there is the feedback through our website reviews, but we also have lots of conversations with customers from around the country! Our stockist have also provided excellent feedback and stories of clients that are using our products. A great measure of success for us, is that many customers are regularly returning to buy more. 
We thank everyone so much for supporting our small Tasmanian business. Quality products and great customer service are very important to us. Please contact us with any questions, any time.